Work-Study USA Program Locations and Majors

As the global leader, we offer Work-Study USA Programs at following locations:

New York City, New York

Los Angles, California

Seattle, Washington

Washington D.C.

Also with Work-Study Canada Program

Vancouver, British Columbia

Toronto, Ontario

Following Projects and Majors are available at work-study programogram:

 Oracle "Big Data" Projects, the average internship salary is $45 per hour for MBA and IT students, in conjunction with Oracle Education Courses.

 Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) program with many concentrations

 Master's degree in Computer Infor. System (Information Technology - IT)

 Master's degree in Computer Engineering

 Master's degree in Software Engineering

 Master's degree in Electrical Engineering

  Master's degree in Healthcare Administration

 Master's degree in Sport Management

Master's degree in Music.

For those who don't have TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, alternative evalution and admission option is offered to you.

How to Choose a University

Many asked how to choose a school, here are a few tips:

1)  Location is top important factor to be considered if you want to join the work-study program. There are mainly three reasons that you should go to a big city:

a) Big city means more employment opportunity, decent jobs and high pay jobs. Therefore top ten largest cities in the US should be in your priority consideration.

b) Another benefit in a big city is that you may turn your CPT job (work-study job) into OPT job (after school employment) and H1b job (work visa), that is because most US companies that hire and sponsor foreign students (for the H1b work visas) are in big cities. It is rare to have such a chance in most middle or small cities. If a city’s population is less than one million, it is wise not to go to that city, but consider other options.

c) Not every job qualifies you for the H1b work visa, the legal definition is complicated based on the immigration law, but here we put it in layman's terms. Your salary must reach the “average salary” in your major (computer, business…etc.) to be qualified for the H1b work visa. Since the salary in a big city is higher than that in a small city, therefore in a big city you are more likely to obtain a job which will qualify you for the H1b visa than in a small city.

Image result for trump H1b

This has become increasingly important since Trump's leadership group has already addressed the idea to use the salary as the main factor to choose who should get the H1b visa.

2) Some US schools are affiliated with Christian church. This means you will be asked to pray to God at the beginning of each class, even if the course is about business or computer. If you have your own religion faith that is contradicted with the schools, you better not go to the said school in the first place.

3) Not all the schools in the US have good facilities; use Google Map to check what the school looks like since Google Map can show you many school photos. If the school building looks like a rundown building, you probably should stay away from that school.

4) Do not go to any private for-profit university, based on the US immigration law there are 20000 visa quotas only for those students who have got a master’s degree or higher degree from qualified US universities.

Qualifications: The applicant must get the master’s degree from such a university that meet BOTH of the following conditions:

a) The university is a public or other non-profit institution; and

b) Is accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency or association that has been recognized by the Secretary of State for the granting of accreditation status.

This means if you receive a degree from a school that is not belong to above a) and b) you will not be qualified to claim 20000 visa quotas (by lottery if the number of applicants exceeds the 20000 masters cap, first draw), you only qualify for the regular 65000 visa quotas (by lottery if needed, second draw). This means your chance of getting the H1b reduced dramatically. Other students can get the chance to draw twice, once from 20000 quotas and once from 65000. In conclusion, if you have a plan to try the H1b, then, stay away from ANY for-profit universities, you can find this info from school website, which will tell you it is a non-profit university or not.

5) Stay away from cities close to Mexico, there are some cities where over 75% of population are Mexican and Ladino, your spoken English will become worse since you will be adding very strange accent if you have to hear the “Mexican English” every day and 75% of professors and 75% of classmates in the classroom speak Mexican English like this guy. In addition, you will face “language and social disadvantage”, you will be "discriminated" and get frustrated in the local job market for the bilingual students (English & Spanish) will always be hired in priority in the first place.

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